Lindo playspace | A place where imagination meets fun
Lindo is a play space that feels like home! Cozy atmosphere, caring animators and play areas for all ages are located in the very heart of Vračar, in Hadži Milentijeva Street, Belgrade.
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 Why is Lindo play space the perfect place for play and birthday celebration?


Because apart from indoor play space there is an outdoor playground with equally entertaining areas for babies, younger and older kids. Parents can relax in café indoor or outdoor.


Because we organize unforgettable birthday parties – apart from the team of animators, waiters, decoration, tableware and birthday invitations we can also provide catering, birthday cake and the photographer – separately or as a part of an all inclusive package.


Because here you will fell at home – enjoying warm and cozy atmosphere with our dedicated staff, clean space, human approach and flexibility when organizing a birthday party.

Limited time offer!
Let us help you with your birthday party organization and we will award you with the discount – in case you decide to have our catering we offer 20% off catering and rent fee.


Birthday party organization has never been easier!

For more information: contact us at or call us: 0646408889.

Yours, Lindo

Lindo playground is located in the very heart of Vračar, in Hadži Milentijeva Street, no 80 and represents a true green oasis away from the city noise. Contact us online or by phone: 011 344 30 22 i 064 640 88 89.

Come and let’s enjoy together!